System Shock, made by Nightdive Studios and shared by Prime Matter, brings back the old game from 1994, showing players a look at a cyberpunk world. In 2072, you, playing as a hacker with no name, start a mission to stop the bad AI, SHODAN.

System Shock PC Game Story & Review

Launching on Kickstarter

Nightdive Studios started the huge task of remaking System Shock in 2015. The team started with Unity and raised over $1 million on Kickstarter. The remake took a long time to complete due to delays, switching from Unity to Unreal Engine, and having to start again. It took nearly eight years.

Understanding the Story

You, as a hacker, will be able to follow the story in Citadel Station in 2072. The story is enriched by the meetings with TriOptimum’s Edward Diego and SHODAN. Also, the laser from the station poses a threat to Earth. While some critics were not happy with how much was kept from the original game, most people liked System Shock at its release.


It was not an easy journey from the beginning of Kickstarter until the end. It was not easy to move from Unity Engine to Unreal Engine and say it is a “faithful replica.” Nightdive Studios delivered on their Kickstarter promises despite some design changes.

Demonstration, Delays, and Refusal to Give Up

The game was released in 2023. A demo was released in May 2020. Nightdive Studios was concerned about the quality of the game. Prime Matter proved to be a new and helpful partner. While some critics weren’t thrilled with the return of System Shock, most were.

Chris Avellone Part

Chris Avellone was involved in the project but then left due to problems. He was a great help, but he left the project after a while. Nightdive Studios had a rough time but kept their main idea and promise.

What people think about the past

System Shock shows, to finish, how difficult it is to bring back an old classic. Nightdive Studios put in a lot of effort, and players old and new can now play Citadel Station. System Shock continues to tell its story, and this remake bridges the gap between what gamers want today and what they wanted in the past.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is System Shock?

System Shock is a cyberpunk-themed game set in Citadel Station in 2072. It follows a hacker on a mission to stop the evil AI SHODAN. The storyline is complex, with encounters such as Edward Diego and the interactions between characters in the futuristic world.

How did System Shock become a remake?

Nightdive Studios began the System Shock remake through a Kickstarter Campaign in 2015. The project was started in Unity after raising over $1 million. The development process took almost eight years due to delays and the transition from Unity Engine.

What did you think of System Shock Remake?

The System Shock remake received mixed reviews upon its release. The critics praised the faithfulness to the elements of the original game but expressed concerns about some features that were retained. The overall reception of the game was positive, with many appreciating the nostalgic references.

What challenges did Nightdive Studios encounter during development?

The journey from Kickstarter through to the release of the game was long. The transition from Unity to Unreal engine while maintaining the “faithful remake’ essence required careful attention. Nightdive Studios was committed to fulfilling Kickstarter promises despite delays and challenges.

What was the impact of Chris Avellone’s involvement in the project?

Chris Avellone joined the project at first and made significant contributions. Due to issues, Chris Avellone left the project. Nightdive Studios had to overcome obstacles, but they remained committed to the core vision.

What was the benefit of the collaboration with Prime Matter to the project?

The collaboration with Prime Matter was a new experience for Nightdive Studios. It proved to be beneficial. Prime Matter’s partnership helped the remake come to life, even though some critics were concerned about certain elements that resembled the original.

What is the significance and impact of System Shock Remake in the gaming industry?

The System Shock remake is a testament to how difficult it can be to revive a classic game. Nightdive Studios made it possible for both new and old players to experience the immersive world that is Citadel Station. The remake is a bridge between the old and modern expectations of gaming, reflecting changing player preferences.

What is the reaction of gamers to System Shock Remake?

The System Shock remake offers gamers of all ages the chance to explore Citadel Station, a world that is both iconic and well-known. The game is a continuation of its storyline and reflects the convergence between gaming’s history and current expectations.

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