Join Elise on an exciting adventure as she dreams of being rich. Elise, from a simple background, discovers shiny red shoes that lead her into the mysterious Woods. Your choices decide her fate in this scary story game set in a fairy tale world.

Little Goody Two Shoes PC Game Story & Review

Dream or Reality:

Elise must choose between following her dream of riches or living a simple life. You decide the outcome of this story. Ten different outcomes are depending on your choices. Little Goody Two Shoes is a story that has a dark edge.

Life in Kieferberg

Manage Elise’s daily life in Kieferberg. A small village filled with devout residents. Establish relationships throughout the day to prevent witchcraft accusations. Play minigames to strengthen relationships, earn money, and have fun. Your decisions will affect Elise’s fate and how the story unfolds.

Nightfall in the Woods

The Woods become mystical as the night falls. Enigmas and deadly enemies are everywhere. Elise must be kept healthy, sane, and fed to navigate encounters successfully. Elise must be managed carefully to survive due to the limited day-night cycle.

Romance and relationships

Get struck by Cupid’s arrow and experience love in Kieferberg. Discover romantic stories with charming bachelorettes who offer unique date scenes. Explore a female-only cast to uncover dreamy stories and add depth to your overall story.

Technical Details

  • Version of the Game: Initial release
  • Language: English
  • Audio: English
  • File Name:
  • Download size: 7.6 GB
  • MD5SUM: 6b93248785ce0272b4affc7262660873

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the story of “Little Goody Two Shoes?”

Elise embarks on a thrilling adventure that revolves around her quest for wealth. The story starts when Elise discovers a pair of shiny red shoes, which lead her to the mysterious Woods. In this fairytale-like tale, Elise’s destiny is heavily influenced by the choices of players.

What role does choice play in the game?

The storyline of “Little Goody Two Shoes,” which has 10 different outcomes, is heavily influenced by the player’s decisions. The choices Elise makes will determine whether she follows her dream of being wealthy or embraces a simple life. It can lead to a variety of dark endings.

What can players look forward to in Kieferberg?

Kieferberg is the village in which Elise lives. Players can manage their life. To avoid witchcraft accusations, it is important to build relationships with the villagers. Play minigames to strengthen your connections and influence Elise’s fate.

What are the challenges that players will face during Nightfall in the Woods?

The game’s tone takes on a mystic feel during the night in the woods. It is filled with danger and mysteries. To navigate encounters effectively, players must make sure Elise is nourished and healthy. Elise must be managed carefully to survive, as the limited day-night cycle is a strategic aspect.

What is the romance in the game like?

Kieferberg offers players the chance to experience romantic stories with beautiful bachelorettes. Each character has a unique date scene, giving players a female-only romantic storyline.

What are the technical specifications for “Little Goody Two Shoes?”

The game can be played in English with audio. It’s the initial release and comes in a file named “” with a download size of approximately 7.5 GB. The MD5SUM code for verification is 6b93248785ce0272b4affc7262660873.

How many endings can you get in the game?

The storyline of “Little Goody Two Shoes,” which is a video game, offers 10 different outcomes. These choices have a significant impact on Elise’s journey and how the game ends.

Does the game suit all age groups?

Themes may have content that is not suitable for everyone. It’s best to look at its content and storyline.

How long does the game “Little Goody Two Shoes” last?

The length of gameplay is dependent on the player’s choices, exploration, and interaction within the game. In general, players can look forward to several hours of entertaining gameplay.

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