Get ready for excitement with Armored Core VI, the 2023 mecha game full of thrilling battles! It’s made by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. This game is a reboot, bringing back the Armored Core series after a long break since Armored Core: Verdict Day in 2013.

Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon Story & Reviews

Where to download Armored Core VI Fires

It’s available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Armored Core VI got good reviews and sold a lot, especially on Windows, where it reached 1.3 million copies!

How to Play

In Armored Core VI, you’re a pilot controlling powerful mechs called Armored Cores. You can make your mech stronger by adding different parts. The best part? You get to choose your weapons! Two on the arms and two on the back – it’s up to you. The game has a special mode called “combat aptitude evaluation program,” where you can test your skills and compete with others. Win and earn cool upgrades!

Unlike before, there’s no worry about losing money when you fail a mission. You can try as many times as you want without losing anything. It makes the game more fun and less stressful.

Epic Story Adventure

Armored Core VI is set in a cool future where humans live in space. On a planet called Rubicon 3, they find something amazing called Coral, which can be an energy source. But, uh-oh, it causes big trouble known as the Fires of Ibis. Fifty years later, Coral is back, and everyone wants it. You play as “Raven,” a super-boosted human working for a boss named Walter. Your job is to fight using an Armored Core and earn a new life.

Your Story Choices

As Raven, you go through battles, make friends, and face tough choices. The game lets you decide – do you want to destroy everything or live peacefully with Coral? Your choices affect the outcome, so be careful!

Behind the Scenes

The people who made Armored Core VI worked hard to make it awesome. FromSoftware’s president, Hidetaka Miyazaki, mentioned a new Armored Core game in 2016. The official announcement came in 2022, and Masaru Yamamura directed it. Kota Hoshino made the music, creating a lonely and nostalgic feel for the game.

Great Reviews and Lots of Sales

People love Armored Core VI! Critics gave it high scores, especially on Metacritic. It sold a lot, too – in Japan, the PlayStation 5 version was the top-selling game in its first week! On Windows, it sold over 1.3 million copies in just over two weeks.

Awards and Recognition

Armored Core VI got nominated for awards like Ultimate Game of the Year and Best Storytelling. The Game Awards 2023 nominated it for Best Action Game. It shows how much people love this game!

As you keep playing Armored Core VI, you’ll see why it’s a big deal. Whether you’re battling mechs or making tough choices, it’s a game that keeps you hooked. The Armored Core series is back and better than ever!

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FAQs about Armored Core VI

Question: Where can Armored Core VI be downloaded?

Armored Core VI Fires is available for download on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It received positive reviews and notably sold 1.3 million copies on Windows alone!

Question: How is Armored Core VI played?

In Armored Core VI, players assume the role of a pilot controlling powerful mechs known as Armored Cores. Customization options include enhancing the mech with various parts and choosing different weapons for arms and back. The game features a unique “combat aptitude evaluation program,” allowing players to test their skills and compete for upgrades. Notably, failing missions no longer incur penalties, promoting a stress-free and enjoyable gaming experience.

Question: What is the storyline of Armored Core VI centered around?

Set in a futuristic space-dwelling human civilization, Armored Core VI revolves around the discovery of Coral, an energy source, leading to the conflict known as the Fires of Ibis. Players assume the role of “Raven,” a super-enhanced human working for Walter, embroiled in battles for control over Coral. The choices made throughout the game influence outcomes, presenting dilemmas between destruction and peaceful coexistence with Coral.

Question: What effort went into making Armored Core VI?

The development team, led by Masaru Yamamura, worked diligently on Armored Core VI. The game’s announcement followed FromSoftware’s president, Hidetaka Miyazaki, mentioning a new Armored Core game in 2016. Kota Hoshino’s music for the game aimed to evoke a sense of loneliness and nostalgia.

Question: What recognition did Armored Core VI receive?

Armored Core VI garnered critical acclaim, receiving high scores from critics, especially on Metacritic. It achieved notable sales milestones, topping sales charts in Japan’s PlayStation 5 category in its debut week and selling over 1.3 million copies on Windows in a short span. Additionally, it received nominations at prestigious awards like The Game Awards 2023 for Best Action Game, showcasing its popularity and success.

Question: What makes Armored Core VI stand out?

Armored Core VI offers engaging gameplay, whether battling mechs or facing tough decisions that impact the storyline. With its gripping narrative and captivating gameplay, the return of the Armored Core series in Armored Core VI is a significant accomplishment in gaming.

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